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compensation for delays

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compensation for delays

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

I am writing to complain about the total mis management of the order of our kitchen with yourselves. After listening to several opinions about wren kitchens from friends and work colleagues (some good some bad), my wife and I decided to visit The hull showroom and form our own opioin. We were initially impressed with both products and service. We secured our purchase with a £1200 deposit in January 2016, stating a probable delivery date In June. We paid the balance of £10800 in full and signed the supply contract on the 6th May 20016. We booked a delivery date of between the 4th June and the 17th June, allowing For this I removed our existing kitchen in preparation for the delivery space you require. On the 7th June we had not received any communication from wren about the actual date of delivery, so I contacted the head office. We were informed that they did not have a delivery for our order as the supply contract had not been forwarded to them, they advised to contact the hull store. Frustrated and slightly baffled by this , we visited the store for clarification. We explained everything to James Branford, our original salesman dealing with or order. He left us twice to speck with the manager as well as calling head office About a delivery date as soon as possible. He stated that the earliest possible date would be 21st June. There are two points of contention with this :- 1 the existing kitchen will have been removed for 3 weeks, which is a long time to be without appliances before a kitchen Is even delivered. 2 We have booked a fitter for the 20th June .This means if he can still accommodate , he starts 2 days late. I understand that in the terms and conditions, it is stated that fitters should not be booked before delivery of the kitchen however, in the real world, we could Have been waiting another two months for a good joiner to fit us in. It seems to me that your terms and conditions cover you for every eventuality including not even delivering a kitchen in full within 30 days of actual delivery date. There is however no mention of the cockup, of not sending a contract through to head office. Wren have been happy to accept our £12000 for a month. Surely it is the protocol to follow up contracts, order and final payments correspond. James come back to us (after speaking to a manager) with what we thought was a reasonable offer. A refund of £ 800 to compensate, inconvenience and additional Cost incurred in delaying the fitter. It is obviously Wrens fault that this has happened and rightly should accept responsibility. James called the delivery depot again and asked if they could unlock the computer system to allow the adjustment to be made. The person with the authority To do this was not available and therefore we would need to be done at a later date. James apologized for the error and said that a Manager would contact us about The refund. Two days later after no contact, I went into the hull store and spoke to Joanne slater (deputy manager). She stated that error had been wrens fault but we would have To contact head office about the complaint as she could not authorise any refund. She informed me that refunds were not given before delivery and fitting of kitchens. The question being, what happened to everything discussed and agreed when we complained on the 6th June ?. James definitely spoke to someone who we assumed was the store manager and I feel would not have offered this amount, without authority from a manager. I am absolutely discussed at the treatment we have received from yourselves, no phone call, e mail to explain or apologise. This has caused great stress to myself and my wife.

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Wren Kitchens | 21/09/2016 11:35 | VERIFIED

Good Afternoon, I would like to look into this matter for you. If you could please e-mail me directly with your order details, I will investigate and update you accordingly. My e-mail address is [email protected] Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Adam

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