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Virgin owes me money!

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Grace H Thomas


Virgin owes me money!

Complaint about Virgin Media

After reaching the end of our 9 month broadband contract in June, I had a credit which I understood would be send by cheque. Shortly after the broadband was cut off and we left the house I was billed for 'early disconnection' which was an error. This wiped my credit and I called to get it sorted. They couldn't credit my bank account and would send it with my previous credit by cheque. It didn't arrive within the 30 days so I called and was told they had sent it to the address I had moved from where they used to provide the broadband. They had not asked for a forwarding address but I was living at the billing address for my bank account and assumed it would be fine. I was told they would post it to the correct address and it would arrive in another 10 working days. It didn't, (I later found out this second time it wasn't even sent) I called up for a third time and another cheque was sent. This one didn't arrive either and I called for a forth time - over 3 months after I closed my account. Apparently the reason this time was there was no postcode on the envelope and after being on hold for a while was disconnected. I called back and was told the cheque was on the way. I am sceptical. I cannot comprehend this level of inefficiency. If I don't receive this soon I will seriously reconsider having any future dealings with virgin. Something so simple as sending something in the post shouldn't take so much time or failed attempts.

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