An Asda delivery driver damaged my drive gates. - Complaint about ASDA - A Spokesman Said

An Asda delivery driver damaged my drive gates.

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An Asda delivery driver damaged my drive gates.

Complaint about ASDA

The letters below explain my complaint. The letters were sent to Asda. Re: Order number 70626521 On Friday 1st July 2016 I had groceries delivered by Asda as I have done weekly for over 7 years. The order number for the delivery is as above. On this occasion the delivery driver came across as if he couldn’t be bothered and was rude. As the driver was driving away from my property I noticed that he had left one of my drive gates open, and it was out across the path (the wrong way). It was when I tried to close the gates that I realised he had forced the gate open the wrong way, he must have used great force as they do not open that way! I am now unable to close my gates properly. I telephoned the grocery customer service centre the same day (1st July 16) the incident took place to report it. The person took the details and advised that somebody from the store would call me back the following day. I also backed this up with an online e-mail to customer services. I received no call the following day. Therefore, on the 3rd July I tried different complaints numbers for Asda to try and resolve the issue and I was transferred back to the grocery customer service centre. I again advised the person who I spoke to that I am still waiting for someone to call me back re: my drive gates, and expressed that I was frustrated as all I wanted was to speak with someone who could deal with my complaint, which seems a very reasonably request to me. They advised that they would escalate the call but couldn’t tell me when someone from the store (Distribution centre) will call me back. I asked if they could give me a number for the distribution centre but they did not have one. On the 4th July I telephoned the grocery customer service centre to cancel the renewal of my delivery pass as I have lost all faith in Asda. The customer service is poor and all I wanted was someone to call me back who could deal with my complaint. I am now looking to shop at another supermarket for my groceries. The person who I spoke with cancelled my renewal with no questions asked as to why I was cancelling it. After the renewal had been cancelled I advised them of the issue I have logged and asked if they could provide me with an update. They replied that they had details logged of both of my previous calls and after speaking with a colleague whilst I was on the phone to check, advised they didn’t know when someone would call me back only that it should be within 72 hours. Funny that it was now more than 72 hours since I first logged my complaint!​ I have had dealings with your customer services department previously when I requested a refund for groceries that were never delivered and it took me weeks to get a refund! Throughout this I never did get a call back from anyone at Asda although I kept getting told that someone would call me! I had to continually call and e-mail to chase progress otherwise I don’t feel it would have ever been resolved. Continued overleaf It is now the 7th July and I have still had no contact from you! As I’m sure you can appreciate I am very dissatisfied with this service as I have been a loyal customer of over 7 years and don’t feel it is fair to treat any customer in this way. I have always been happy with the experience of having my shopping delivered from Asda and in the past have recommended you to family and friends. This feedback resulted in family and friends also getting their shopping delivered by you. The majority of your delivery drivers are friendly and polite. Unfortunately your customer services/complaints procedure lets your service down massively. Also, the delivery driver in this instance was rude and came across as arrogant as well as damaging my gates. The same driver has delivered our shopping on a couple of other occasions and has been rude on these occasions too. This has been witnessed by both my husband and I. I feel I can no longer recommend you to others and can only make people aware of the poor customer service I have received from Asda. I hope that you understand my frustrations and I look forward to receiving a response from you with a suitable resolution. If I do not hear from you, or am not satisfied with your response I am going to file a complaint with the retail ombudsman and I will be taking it further. Yours sincerely 7th September 2016 Dear Sir/madam, Re: Order number 70626521 Further to my letter dated 7th June 2016 (copy enclosed) here is an update of the current situation as I have still not had an appropriate resolution to the issue. As a result of my letter, on the 19th July I received a call from ....... who works for Asda in the deliveries department. Charlotte didn’t acknowledge receipt of the letter but advised she had contacted me to try and resolve the issue. We arranged for her colleague ........ to visit my property the following afternoon to have a look at the damage to the gates. Five minutes after this call I received a further call from a different dept. (head office) acknowledging receipt of the letter. I informed them of the call from ........ and that someone was visiting my property the following day. They advised that they would call me tomorrow to check I was happy with how the visit had gone. .........visited my property on the 20th July 16 and took pictures of the damage to my drive gates. He advised that details would be sent to insurers and if I didn’t hear anything by Mon 25th July to chase it by contacting him or ..........I didn’t receive a call from head office to check how the visit had gone. Having still not heard anything, and as I was going on holiday on the 27th July for 3 weeks I contacted Asda asking to speak to ....... or ..... However, as they were both unavailable I was put through to a colleague who I updated of the situation (he did say he was aware of it). I advised him that I hadn’t yet heard anything from the insurers or anyone else with an update, and that I was going on holiday for three weeks. Still not having heard anything on the 19th August I contacted Asda again asking to speak to ....... and as they were not available I was put through to a colleague. I advised him that I still hasn’t heard anything from the insurers or had an update. He advised that he would need to raise another file with the insurers, and if I don’t hear anything from them by Fri 26th August to yet again chase it. On the 5th September still not having heard anything from the insurers or yourselves I phoned you and managed to speak with ....... who advised she remembered the complaint and ........ ​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​Continued overleaf visiting my property. ...... advised that ....... had given her an update of the current situation but was vague of the exact details. However, she did recall that the insurers had passed the issue back to the store to resolve. Due to her having to confirm the correct information and resolution, she advised she would ring me back within the next hour. Yesterday (6th September) having not received a call back from ....... I phoned her. The person on the switchboard advised that ....... was in a meeting, although had spoken with her and that she would definitely ring me later in the day. It is now the 7th September and I still haven’t had any call back from ...... or anyone else with regards to my complaint. I am very frustrated with having to keep chasing this issue, but not surprised that I am still receiving a poor level of customer service. If I don’t receive a suitable resolution within the next 14 days I am contacting the retail ombudsman and taking this further. Yours sincerely, Following the above letter I got a phone call from Asda on the 14th Sept 16 who advised there had been a mix up with my complaint and it never went to their insurers. They advised they had just spoken to their legal dept re: my complaint and gave me the number of the person in legal they had spoken to. I then contacted legal who basically said it was my word versus the drivers, and that they wouldn't be taking it any further. However, after I told them my account of the event they said they would look into my complaint and asked me to email them the letters I had already sent them! However, they have not acknowledge receipt of my e-mails, and I'm certain I will not hear anything further from them! Thank you.

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