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Claire Jordan


Vodafone complaint

Complaint about Vodafone

On 30th July I received a text telling me that my bill for that month came to £121.69. My bill is usually £21 approx. I rang and queried the amount and they assured me that I would not be charged the full amount, and after speaking to a manager, the advisor told me that as a good will gesture, because it was a known problem at their end (something to do with getting charged for data usage rather than it coming out of your bundle) they would actually waive the full amount and I would not have to pay. I accepted this and thought no more of it. I then checked my bank a/c periodically to make sure it hadn’t been taken, and on the 18th Aug the full amount actually did get deducted from my account, although I didn’t realise this until a bit later. I then phoned Vodafone and spoke to someone called Darren/Derren who assured me that the money would be refunded straight away and that he would give me two months line rental free as a goodwill gesture to apologise, which I accepted. A few days later, 12th Sep, I still had no refund so I rang back and spoke to somebody called John, who assured me that the money would go into my account within 3-5 working days, and sent a text to me confirming that I would get it. No refund appeared again after 5 days. I rang back and spoke to another person (I did not catch their name this time unfortunately) who then assured me yet again that the refund would appear in my account, and I got another text confirming this, 15th Sep. I then got a text on Sat 17th Sept telling me that someone called S.C. would be phoning me to discuss my complaint within the next 30 mins, which he did. However, he did not ring to discuss it but to try and tell me that I was not owed the refund which resulted in a very long conversation with me having to go through everything again with him, and in the end he said they would honour the refund for me, and the two months free line rental. I assured him I didn’t want anything else as he seemed to think I was trying it on, rather I just wanted what I had already (several times) been promised. S.C then sent me an email an hour or so later saying that I would get the refund, which I still haven’t got. I then got another text from someone called B at 10:47 yesterday saying they have completed the refund request….but still no money. (They have always proffered that refunds take up to 3-5 working days and that it might take longer for my bank to process it, but seeing as everyone can do instant bank transfers nowadays I find this highly questionable to say the least!) On the 20th Sept Vodafone then took £21.28 out of my bank account, so I then emailed to say they now owed me £142.97, which they have now queried, so I have to send off proof this morning to them via email that it did come out of my account…… I have had further emails yesterday and today, and more texts confirming I will get the money which are completely unbelievable.. I would be really grateful for any help with us as I am so frustrated with it.

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Phil Wilson | 18/01/2017 10:11 | VERIFIED

Hi Claire, Please accept our apologies for the troubles you've had with this, and the delay in our reply. If this still hasn't been resolved, please email our team directly here: http://vdfn.co/E195 Thanks, Cailen

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