AG Product Support - A Scam I never Signed up for!!! - Complaint about Currys PC World - A Spokesman Said

AG Product Support - A Scam I never Signed up for!!!

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James Mullen


AG Product Support - A Scam I never Signed up for!!!

Complaint about Currys PC World

My complaint today is about the hidden scam currys pc world have been running for years!! I have noticed that my Bank account has been charged £3.00 every month for AG Product support... After a little google I found out this is to do with Currys Pc World .. I believe this to be a horrible thing to do to people who buy from them frequently the charge may only be £3.00 but I was never made aware of this charge asked to sign for this charge. In my eyes this would make Currys Pc World a bunch of no good criminals.. how many people get charged for this amount a month? Heres an example they charge £3.00 per month of over a 12 month basis that's £36.00 a year say they do this to 100 people that's £3,600 a year they get from people who are unaware of something they never signed for?? Disgraceful, I would love to get the amount refunded to my account as I believe that they have unlawfully taken my money and may be doing this to other people who only went to buy an appliance for their home.. Next time I buy from Currys (if I buy from them) I will be making them away of this charge and how they should ask people do they want this charge ... It's the Principle of being asked and no being asked which has made me write this post ...

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KNOWHOW TOHELP | 23/09/2016 14:32 | VERIFIED

Hi James, I am sorry to learn that you feel this way. Agreements are run though and set up in store at the time of purchase. If you have an agreement that you wish for us to cancel we will be happy to do so. If so please send us your full address for us to search our systems. Leanne

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