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Got a Faulty cell phone from them

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Sriram Manda


Got a Faulty cell phone from them

Complaint about eGlobal Central UK

I ordered a cell phone from them. The phone started giving problem just 2 days after a month. I contacted them and they asked me to send them the phone so that they can repair. As it was 2 days over 30 days period, they told that they wont refund my money but will repair it. I received an email from them after around 2 weeks that the phone has a problem and they are working to fix it. Received my cell phone after a month (already lost around 2 months in all this). Restarted it and got the same problem immediately. so emailed them back and again they asked to send the phone back. Sent them the phone and again received an email from them after 2 weeks that the phone has a manufacturing defect and they are working on it and will take around 5-8 weeks. Already I have lost around 4 months in all this and now if they take another 5 to 8 weeks, I will lose another 2 months. I have not used the phone for even a month. and they know very well that the phone has a manufacturing issue so they should be giving me a new replacement of my phone or my money back. After me sending them multiple emails THEY offered me a replacement with SOME USED PHONE of some other brand. If I would be interested in taking a used phone, I would have bought a used phone for much cheaper. This is ridiculous. How is it expected that I do not need my phone for 5 months. This company is a real cheat. This whole drama started since April 2016. Their warranty period is for a year. I think they will pass time like this for another couple of months and then say that the warranty is over. I did a mistake by buying from this company. The phone actually gave a problem just the day I started using but as it was my birthday gift, I opened the phone on my birthday (which was by my bad luck 32 days after my wife received the phone)

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