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Fully managed service.... ???

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Emma Hall


Fully managed service.... ???

Complaint about Purple Bricks Estate Agents

I have used purple bricks for the past 12 months to manage one of my properties. The only time purple bricks bother to get intouch with me was the initial valuation to get me signed up to them and when they want more money of me to fix something. They are quick to inform me that there is a problem with the house and they need to get contractors out, but again I have been waiting weeks one end for an invoice of the contracted work. I had to Insist on a property check way after 6 months of the tenant being there, this took me around 5 weeks to get somebody out to the property even though they should be checking the property every 6 months, I shouldn't be having to chase up work that should be done already!! I'm paying nearly £50 per month for this service, u have seeks legal advise about the service they have provided. My tenant has recently handed in notice, he hasn't cut the grass in the 12 months he has been there because purple bricks haven't stuck to there contract and managed the property. I have tried over and over again to resolve every issue, I either get passed to a 'voicemail' or an email that never gets answered. Purple bricks have bought me so much stress, I shouldn't have to chase them every single day. They have taken a management fee out of the last months rent provided but again they are not doing any management of it, it is myself that is trying to sort out the neglected garden. I am still awaiting an invoice of the work that was done 6 weeks ago on the house. You would think the property manager Michell Flint would of contacted me since she has been on leave for the past two weeks but I have had no follow up call regarding my phone calls and emails! I am now having to pay £100 out of my own pocket to get the garden back to a livable condition, I am having to send the invoice to them to hopefully get this back through the tenants deposit. You would think if they can send a contractor out to fix a broken plug they could send somebody out to check the property and chase up the garden problems!!! I went to visit my property this afternoon after purple bricks didn't chase up the garden and General cleaniness of the house when I arrived the house was in a horrible state, it smelt like something had died in there, kitchen thick with grease, cupboard doors off, food all over, damp over the walls, the bathroom absolutely filthy. It smelt and looked like a homeless person had lived there, now had my property of been 'fully managed' like it should of done it wouldn't of got to this point. Purple bricks and the tenant have both broke there contracts with me, I will be registering my complaints with there complaints team and if nothing is resolved I will be contacting a small claims court. I have email after email of proof of how much chasing I have had to do. Emma Hall

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