Buses are ALWAYS late or just don't arrive at all!!!!!!!! - Complaint about First Bus - A Spokesman Said

Buses are ALWAYS late or just don't arrive at all!!!!!!!!

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Buses are ALWAYS late or just don't arrive at all!!!!!!!!

Complaint about First Bus

This is the 8th complaint I've made against First Bus and like all the others am positive I'll get NO RESPONSE AT ALL!! However you idiots need to know that this is easily the 4th time since 01/10/2016 one of your 48/49 buses has not even bothered to turn up. That's 4 in 5 days. How embarrassing is it to know that as a first world country that apparently conquered the world and calls itself the greatest nation on earth has a worse public transport system than the 3rd world countries it supposedly conquered? Not being English I probably can't relate that well as I am from a 3rd world country with a 10x better public transport system but if I was I'd probably never want to admit it in public anyway due to the overwhelming embarrassment I'd feel. Anyway, your company should definitely consider giving up and letting someone else take over who is competent with the workings of how a first world country and it's public services should be run. Maybe someone Japanese or maybe German or Dutch, even Finnish would be a 100% improvement on whichever pathetic aged derelict is running your company and lining their pockets with extortionate bus fees which should be returned to the public EVERYTIME one of the buses causes anyone to be late for their daily errands. Japan got nuked twice and somehow, somehow they manage to get their public transport services accurate within a minute. England won the war yet the EU countries they beat have better public transport, Australia where all YOUR criminals were sent - public transport efficient within 2 minutes. Moral of the story? Anyone from any other country can run your public transport system better than whoever's been doing it the last decade!

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