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Bad hotel won't deal with complaint

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Bad hotel won't deal with complaint

Complaint about Melbourne Ardenlea Hotel

This is what happen at this hotel and the email without the names I sent to them. They will not do anything about it I have called and been told to take it further. To Director of Melborne Ardenlea Hotel I am writing this to complain about the way we were treated by the staff during our stay. My mum and I arrived on Saturday 20th August for one week which we booked through for a twin room. We were welcomed and after dealing with the paperwork was directed to our room. We finally found our room after being directed the long way and then going back to reception as we couldn't find it to be told to go upstairs next to reception and turn right which takes us straight to room 32. When we went into our room there was a double bed. We checked to ensure we hadn't made a mistake while booking a twin room. We went down to speak to reception who was unable to help but the manager had just come into reception. He checked and said it use to be a a twin and it has recently changed to a double and the old manager did not update it on the computer. He said he would sort it tomorrow by saying 'put up with it tonight and I will get twin beds in there for tomorrow for you', he also gave us a complementry three course meal for the inconvience. We agreed as it was only for one night. We went out the next day as our understanding was that the room would be sorted. Unfornately when we arrived back later there was still a double bed in our room. We went down to ask why it hasnt been changed and the new receptionist didnt know and there was no note left. She said all she could do is give us a single room so we didnt need to share again and would sort it out the next day. Again we had no choice so I had room 34 which was very hot (a fan was provided), bed moved each time I sat down on it, mattress needed replacing, bathroom window wouldnt open, shower went hot and cold and also burnt me and it was very loud as people were going in and out all night and sounded like washing machines going all night. This kept me awake which would of been avoided if the room had been sorted. After breakfast on Monday we went to reception again to ask what was happening with room 32 to be told by another receptionist she doesnt know anything as no message left yet again. We explained everything that The manager and the other receptionist had said. I handed back the key for room 34 which She had no idea who was in that room as I was not put on the system. She was also shocked at the way we had been treated and would deal with our problem. She also said as far as she knows it has always been a double room and on the system it shows a double room. She took my mobile number and said she would call once she had finished booking people out. She call about ten minutes later saying the room would be sorted either in the morning or afternoon but it will be done and said sorry again. When we came back the room was sorted but no mattress proctectors were put on and we spoke to housekeeping in the morning and they said it was the maintence people who didnt put them on. During our stay, we had our three course meal which the first two courses were lovely. When it came to sticky toffee pudding it tasted shop bought even though it says home made. The toffee was solid and was unedible in the end. The breakfast was hit and miss at times as it was cold one day, eggs not done properly at times, having to keep asking for items as they were not topped up if we didnt ask, the staff did not look happy at times also. On the website it says the pool is open from 7.30 in the morning which in reception it says from 10.00 which is not ideal if someone wanted an early morning swim. Also jacuzzi not working that could updated on the website. Throughtout our stay after we had spoken to One receptionist we were ignored by The manager and the other receptionist and when we checked out we were not spoken too again. The key was handed over and as we were about to go out the door Manager came down and all he said was ' you owe £3.00 for drinks'. I went back and paid the £3.00 which again no thank you or apolgy. The only person who helped us was The last receptionist and did so promptly. It was not up to her to say sorry for what happened, it was up to The managerand the other receptionist for not sorting it out like they said they would and not make up excuses which is unacceptable. I would like to know what will be done as this is not good practice or manangement. It states on your website 'you pride yourself for putting customers first'. Unfornately we were not put first, were ignored and felt nothing would of been done if it was not for the last receptionist.

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