Charging me for a contract I cancelled 1 year ago!! - Complaint about Vodafone - A Spokesman Said

Charging me for a contract I cancelled 1 year ago!!

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Scott Stepney


Charging me for a contract I cancelled 1 year ago!!

Complaint about Vodafone

My Vodafone contract was at the end of the 2 year contract last summer (approx June). I called to inform them that I wanted to cancel the contract. I was transferred to the relevant department and I was told there was nothing left to pay. A month or so later I received a letter with a bill owing to Vodafone. I called them and told them I didn't owe the money as I had cancelled the contract and I was told a manager or supervisor would ring me back. This never happened. I later approx December 2015 receive a bill for nearly £200! I call and ask why and the representative apologised and realised that nobody had cancelled my contract so tried to barter with me how many months I should pay for. They argued with me so once again I was told a manager would contact me. Again this never happened. I then wrote a letter stating that I am not paying the bill and my reasons why (that I cancelled the contract and it was their fault they didn't follow through with cancelling it) I gave my current contact details and asked to be contacted. I sent the letter "signed for" and checked everyday and eventually someone had signed for it. I never heard from Vodafone or a debt company after that so believed they had sorted it. Now in October 2016 I have received a letter from a debt company Lowell portfolio saying that I owe £169 to Vodafone and my credit rating will be affected. I am in the process of trying to find a copy of the letter that I sent months and months ago to Vodafone to send onto the debt collection agency, however as it was such a long time a go I may have disposed of it! Please please help me! I shouldn't be paying for months of a phone contract after I had cancelled it and I never receive a response from Vodafone anymore!! I am very down and stressed about it as I wanted to look to buy my first property in the upcoming months and now have a poor credit rating based on a lie!

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Phil Wilson | 17/01/2017 11:55 | VERIFIED

Hi Scott, My apologies for the delay in our reply and any inconvenience this may have caused. If you still need help with this, please email our team here: Thanks, Cailen

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