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IlegL taking of finances

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IlegL taking of finances

Complaint about Prizehook

I opened a free msg months back. I have never given my permission for money's to be taken or subscribe. I just instNtly txt back STOP. IM A PAY as you go sim. I've been continually sending STOP OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. By the time you've taken the money out I'm left without enough my net to phone the tel no. You put up. I'm also very dubious as to how much the call may cost as my experience so far of this company has been Deciet ! I've been abroad and came back to find it's still in progress after sending all the STOPS in the world. I want this Stopped & Demand to have my funds returned

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Danielle Martin | 10/10/2016 09:01 | VERIFIED

Dear Jackie, any stop messages successfully sent from your phone to our service would automatically unsubscribe you from the service from that point onwards, so the only reason a service would continue is if we have not successfully received your request. We can investigate for you if you get in touch via [email protected] or call 0330 134 0183. Danielle, Customer Services Manager for PrizeHook

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