Failed to take payments after multiple attempts over 18months, affected credit score and added fees - Complaint about Vodafone - A Spokesman Said

Failed to take payments after multiple attempts over 18months, affected credit score and added fees

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Vicki Findlay


Failed to take payments after multiple attempts over 18months, affected credit score and added fees

Complaint about Vodafone

In July 2015 I changed the bank account in which my Vodafone contract was taken from, I received an email confirming this has been set up. (I no longer have this email) I noticed in the month of October that no direct debits had been taken from Vodafone and then with logging into my online vodafone account I saw that my account was in £90 debt. After realising this I instantly spoke to an employee of vodafone via their chat service, They informed me that they could see that this was a fault of vodafone and asked if they could call me to reinstate the direct debit, a phone call was then taken place in which vodafone took my card details and reinstated the direct debit, this took place on 17.11.2015. On 29.11.15 I received a letter from a debt collection company stating that they were collecting the money on behalf of Vodafone, after receiving this letter I rang the company in which they informed me that the time had ended to collect the outstanding balance and so it was returned to Vodafone. 4.12.2015 - On this date no payment had been taken again and so I rang Vodafone again and spoke to somebody to reinstate the direct debit again. They set up the direct debit of £27.16 to come out of my bank account on the 30th of each month or days after depending on the day the date fell. My next payment would be on the 30th December 2015 and all payments and the phone contract would end on 10.07.2016. 21.01.2016 - I received a letter to confirm that my account was no with a debt collection service. 01.02.16 - Still no direct debit had been taken from my account so again I rang vodafone and this time I set up a direct debit to be taken on 30th of each month with a different bank account, £34 would be taken each month until balanced was cleared estimated around the 28.07.2016 10.05.2016 - After still no payments taken after 2 months again, I went into my local Vodafone store to see if I could pay the outstanding balance via card payment. I was informed that I could not do this in store and that id have to do it via the phone, I explained the situation and the person said they were unable to help. 15.15.2016 - I went to login to my Vodafone account to see if i could pay the outstanding money via online, to this I received a continuous error message and so I contacted someone via the chat and they informed me that there was an issue with the vodafone system at that current time. 22.09.16 - After signing up to a reputable credit score company it came to my knowledge that there was a big negative on my account, this was because of Vodafone, it stated that I owed £375! I instantly contacted Vodafone via the chat because upon trying to call them they asked for my phone number which kept resulting in it saying that they did not recognise the number. Vodafone then gave me another number to call in which kept resulting in an automated message stating that there was an emergency and that they were unavailable. 23.09.16 - Spoke with a Vodafone employee via the chat service and updated my new address as had moved house and spoke to them about the outstanding issue, they promised me that the £375 was £202 of what I owed and £175 fee, they said they would remove the fee so all I needed to pay was £202. They informed me that this payment couldn't be taken via the chat and because of the phone number issue they would call me and transfer me to the correct department to make the payment. This chat ended in the employee ringing my phone and transferring me to the payment department. The lady in this department then informed me that because my number was on their old system she needed to transfer the call to another department, nobody in this other department was available and so she promised a call back with in 2 hours. I never received this call. 28.09.16 - Still had not received a call back I again went onto the vodafone chat, they took my details and promised a call back within 3 hours, Yet again I never received a call. November- I cant remember the exact date but spoke to someone from Vodafone yet again on chat about the issue, they were very unhelpful and just said i can do a bank transfer but it would have to be the £375. Jan 22nd 2017 - Spoke to another vodafone person via the chat, they informed me that they couldnt help me as the debt was with a collections agency, they apparently sent a letter out on 10th October which I have never received and that I would have to pay £375, even though this is not my fault and was previously promised that the £175 would be removed and that it was also be removed from my credit score.

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Phil Wilson | 23/01/2017 13:41 | VERIFIED

Hi Vicki, So our team can take a look into this, contact us here: Once completed, we'll be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks, Cailen

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