Extortion of money from ALL customers, including members - Complaint about The Co-operative Food - A Spokesman Said

Extortion of money from ALL customers, including members

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david cox


Extortion of money from ALL customers, including members

Complaint about The Co-operative Food

The co-op charges excessive prices on some goods and justifies it by charging less for others. If you join, it will cost £1, NON-REFUNDABLE if you decide not to. (Small print on back of form I was 'given', but later found I had bought when I saw receipt.) Once I'm in the gang I can get some of the money they have creamed off others: I can get a share of the loot! BUT I MUST 'donate' 1p for every £1 I spend to 'local community causes'. I AM PART OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY BY DEFINITION AS I LIVE HERE! Let me decide what I spend my money on in MY local community. I am a grown-up. Plus 5p to a charity of their choice. Donating = VOLUNTARILY giving; taxation = having to pay by Law; extortion = having no choice but to pay extra to live your life, or else. We are being threatened by the Government & their henchmen to eat healthy food; stop drinking sugary drinks; stop all the rubbish food. My local co-op stocks 25% crisps, nibbles, ready-meals, ready sauces etc. A whole wall devoted to alcohol; another wall devoted to sweets and 'sugary drinks'. Fresh vegetables, meat? Only a little of what we decide you can have, pre-packed, over- priced, and more than you want, plus - MORE packaging for you to enjoy recycling in your spare time! Well, aren't you going to say THANK YOU? And they never stock enogh newspapers. Reason? Manager told me 'I've asked them to order more, but they won't.' I was referred to Complaints website. Guess who I could not contact? It's not just about me, there are lot's of people less aware or assertive than I who are being screwed rigid. Happy Birthday, whenever it is.

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david cox | 30/01/2017 07:27

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The Co-op | 20/02/2017 11:12 | VERIFIED

Hi Dave, The team are unable to text, they can only call or email. If you email customer care with the details above they'll look into this as soon as possible and get back to you. Thanks, Sophie

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