Shpock Ignoring Me, My Stolen iPads and all Requests - Complaint about Shpock - A Spokesman Said

Shpock Ignoring Me, My Stolen iPads and all Requests

Complaint about  Shpock  | ANSWERED


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Daniel Nestor


Shpock Ignoring Me, My Stolen iPads and all Requests

Complaint about Shpock

Registered on Shpock with my details, purchased 2 iPads which when I turned on found linked to a College. Shpock user and item suddenly deleted from the website completely. Contacted seller, shpock and the College. The seller has yet to reply. The College thought students still had them and they were leased. They conducted their own investigation, the iPads were not the students to sell. Shpock seemed confused by this whole scenario, and told me to contact the police. I did that but as am not the legal owner of the items, they are not mine to report stolen, I simply have stolen items with no trace of how they were purchased and the seller has my £200 and personal details (such as home address, and mobile number). Shpock support have not been in contact since the 15th December regardless of how many attempts I have made and cannot confirm they have proof of transaction. When I contacted them through facebook, they replied with lies of how they had handled situation including that they had deleted the transaction as part of their security, and not that the buyer had managed to remove himself and this transaction entirely. They also said that because their support team is in contact with me they cannot handle the case. Upon googling "Shpock problems police" I have discovered that all their transactions that don't go accordingly, whether it like mine or the item not showing up their advise is to report it to the police (wasting a lot of police time) and in cases like mine the buyer has no form of compensation. I have to make a statement to the police and can only hope that they do not charge me with involvement. I have contacted shpock regarding their advise and concerns with the process promoted by shpock of selling, leaves unsuspecting buyers vulnerable to fraud at the very least and that Shpock clearly have no procedures in place to handle these problems that arise with online buying. I know from forums that I am not the only one to have had a negative experience. Who can help me?

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Shpock Team | 08/02/2017 10:44 | VERIFIED

Hi Daniel, very sorry to hear about your experience on Shpock with this seller. We (Shpock) have documented the case and advised how to proceed. If you need further support please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or via telephone at: +44 20 80 80 6578 (Mo - Fr from 8:00AM – 04:00PM )

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