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Inappropriate messages from seller

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Amy Ballinger


Inappropriate messages from seller

Complaint about Shpock

I was trying to sell my iPhone and accepted an off a buyer had made. He started by making inappropriate comments about asking if my parents would no a man would be coming to there house. How I look young. How I don't look my age. Calling me Hun and babe. Advising me how old he is. I have tried contacting shpock in regards to cancelling the agreement as I don't not feel comfortable selling to this man. I have had no response

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Shpock Team | 08/02/2017 08:35 | VERIFIED

Hi Amy, very sorry to hear about your experience. Please report the user to us via the app or at [email protected] and we will take a look at your case and advise you further. For urgent matters please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone at +44 20 80 80 6578 (Mo - Fr from 8:00AM – 04:00PM)

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