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Those darn headsets

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Marie Looker


Those darn headsets

Complaint about Aldi

The Aldi near me has only been open for a few months (Idlecroft in Bradford) and all of the staff wear the communication headsets. My grievance is when I'm trying to do my shopping and staff are shouting to each other, over the heads of customers, loudly chatting and laughing to others, through their headsets. My understanding is that these headsets were to aide with the effective running of the store, not for banta and chatting with colleagues while on the shop floor. This should be saved for the staff areas and not for customers to constantly witness. Not only this, but the checkout staff also chat, laugh and loudly talk to others in their headsets, whilst serving customers. As a former customer service advisor, I find this extremely rude and if a customer used their mobile phone while being served and completely ignored the server, they would be slated for it but yet it's okay for the servers to pretty much do the same, only stopping to ask for the money! One particular girl does this every single shift she is on. I have even taken to waiting for a different cashier because of how blatanly rude she is being. The last few times I've changed my day so that she isn't serving! In my opinion, this needs reviewing! Thanks

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