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image on 30g tabacco pouch

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Laurent grimonpont


image on 30g tabacco pouch

Complaint about Amber Leaf

Hello, I want to make a complaint about your packaging design, there is a pouch of tabacco that has the baby with a cigarette. The message being says "smoker's children are more likely to start smoking". Im not gonna talk about the message but the picture is terrible, honestly sickening to even have that image on a pouch of tabacco, it was bad enough having images of the effects but to actually have a baby smoking is taking it too far! please do not distribute more of these cause that is messed up! I paid for your product and purchased this without thinking any large company would have this type of image. i have 2 children of my own and know many people who do have children and if i were to carry this around it would be humiliating. Whoever chose that image and person who allowed this to become printed needs to change their job because this is disgusting. This is more likely to provoke a child to smoke as children are influenced by images they see and if they see one child with a cigarette in their mouth, they may be more inclined to copy the image. Honestly please stop this and do the right thing. Your product is a nice product which is why i pay for it but the image on the package is not right.. Many thanks, Laurent

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