My account has been deleted permanently - Complaint about Shpock - A Spokesman Said

My account has been deleted permanently

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vanessa santos


My account has been deleted permanently

Complaint about Shpock

I have had an account which I have had more then 550 items for sale, maybe tops 10 they were replicas,i received an account restriction for 3 days, I accepted...I did put other 3 replicas only which again was purchased here so I really thought was fine,long story short they decided to close permanently the account, I phone and asked since it is not fair after 2 times only ,knowing sellers who only sells fakes and one of this sellers actually told me her account was closed 7 times why was she still able to sell, I really don't think this is fair since branded items on this site 85% are fake. Where is the fairness in here? I explain also I had to give a refund and answer some questions and offers but since my account was closed I couldn't, which means I couldn't get back to the people. I would like to understand if they are above the law then since to me is what it is,there is people selling with 1 star feedback I have 100% feedback in more then 170 sales,so where is the fairness in here? I do respect and accept and that is why I did phone and explain that but this seems way more then a website "policy". could I have any feedback or opinios about this please? Regards

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Shpock Team | 08/02/2017 08:38 | VERIFIED

Hi Vanessa, we like to point out that selling or buying fake products is forbidden by law. We, therefore, strictly do not allow the sale or purchase of fake products on Shpock. If you ever come across a counterfeit product on Shpock please do not hesitate to report this directly via the app.

vanessa santos | 08/02/2017 08:57

Good morning. for your reply and I am 100% sure that I would never do that again, I just feel and felt was something personal, since I have had more than 550 items for sale only you only give me a 'warning 'once after that closed permanently. I just want to have back my page since its the only thing I have...could I please have one last chance please???

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