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Kitchen not finished after three months

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Brenda Hall


Kitchen not finished after three months

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

Kitchen delivered at beginning of November 2016 and fitters started a week later. 20% of kitchen parts not sent on first delivery. Fitters got in touch with Wrens and bits started to arrive. Rounded work top sent as straight. Another straight one sent but damaged and at end of December it arrived. Support manager can in December and said he would sort it. Got in touch in January and he came again as parts still not arrived. Over cupboard door sent four times with side open door. Corner base unit sent three times wrong. Told these two items would come on 13th January. Never arrived. Got three glass doors WHICH MATCH at end of January. Got email from Wrens today and looking for our lost parts. We are now due to go on holiday so will be into 5th month and no date to complete this kitchen or parts that are correct being delivered. They make sure they take all the payment for the kitchen before it is delivered so you have no come back with holding payment back..

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Brenda Hall | 26/06/2017 13:18

Finally in June wren has offered us £310 for compensation. Due to the stress this company has put us through we excepted to bring a closer to our business with them. They emailed me on the 12th and would be 10 days to send the money. Well not expected the cheque has not arrived. Must be coming the same way as their parts which took 6 months to complete the order. its not a fortune.

Brenda Hall | 04/07/2017 10:04

Although wren has now paid this compensation l will never be happy with their customer service. Dont use them

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Brenda Hall | 06/05/2017 06:52

After all the conversations and emails that have taken place between wrens and myself, before they consider compensation you are expected to complete a claim form with all the details that they have. They have all this information so just agree a reasonable amount that your company should offer me. This is just another way of the extremely poor service of wrens.
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