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Chefs' not changing dirty gloves.

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Ann Roberts


Chefs' not changing dirty gloves.

Complaint about Warner Leisure Hotels

I recently stayed at Alvaston Hall when there was a stomach bug outbreak. I was not affected but I was concerned that while frying the fish the chef then bent down to get a tray of raw fish from under the counter. He was wearing gloves which at first seemed excellent, but after laying the raw fish out on the tray he then picked up a tea towel to lift hot plates onto the counter and then returned to the cooked fish and using the same gloves lifted the cooked fish out with a spatula while using a gloved hand to turn it out onto a plate. When I mentioned this to him he was very courteous and asked me if I would like him to change his gloves! Of course I said "Yes". Two nights later a female chef did exactly the same thing. It seems that they think that if they have gloves on it is quite unnecessary to observe hygiene regulations. Without gloves it would be a natural instinct to wash ones hands. Is this sort of thing happening throughout the kitchens I wonder, devastating if handling chicken or raw meat. I sent a letter to the Hotel Manager on 16th January but have not had a reply. In view of the large number of people affected in my party, everything that you can do to prevent gastric upsets should be observed I feel, I hope you agree. Yours sincerely.

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