Disgraceful, misleading delivery of online purchases - Complaint about Aldi - A Spokesman Said

Disgraceful, misleading delivery of online purchases

Complaint about  Aldi  | AWAITING RESPONSE


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Marie Forbes


Disgraceful, misleading delivery of online purchases

Complaint about Aldi

I work full time Minday to Friday and dont get home til after 6pm. There is nobody else to take deliveries and I always request parcels are NOT left with neighbours. I live in a secure door entry building of 8 flats. As ALDI state on their website that deliveries are between 7am and 7pm I bought 3 items and filled in the 'specific delivery instructions' advising entry could only be after6pm and items NOT to be left at door or with another flat. I bought the items on the website on the Thursday morning, it says 3-5 working dats. Hoping it might arrive at the weekend when id be home, nothing arrived. I worked from home all dat on Monday to be able to receive it, no parcel.. I logged into the ALDI order tracker to try to get an idea when it might arrive.. all it said was ' your order is being processed'!!! I KNOW THAT.. I WANT TO KNOW WHEN IT WILL ARRIVE!!!! ... Now, 5 days later and back at work I emailed ALDI customer services to ask when it would be dispatched? Useless uselless USELESS! They simply said,, yes you guessed it " your order is being processed". Good god! I then get a txt message from HERMES at 10:12 am advising that my parcel couldnt be delivered, see card..". YES I KNOW IT WOULDNT BE DELIVERED AS I DONT GET HOME TIL 6!!!!! Now, I get home.. no delivery card, no evidence of ANYONE trying to deliver!!! I email ALDU again asking whats going on and unbelievably they reply that the HERMES driver will keave the parcel with a neighbour! Even though id already stated this was NIT to happen! I phoned customer services again asking them to communicate to HERMES that .. I AM NOT ABLE TO TAKE DELIVERY UNTIL AFTER6 PM!!! DO NOT LEAVE WITH A NEIGHBIUR!! and... utterly dishonest... they advised that they had been informed that HERMES had attempted 3 times already and therefore my parcel would be returned to ALDI and a refund processed!!!! What the &)@/........ Its a total farce!!! Aldi make no effort to assist custonets like me with limited weekday delivery times.. I WORK!!!! They dont try to communicate with HERMES to complete orders and HERMES are absolurely at it!! Claiming 3 attempts when I only received confirmation ( by text only!!!) about 1 attempt and that had no delivery card either!!!! Dishonest!! They did NOT make 3 attempts! Absolute lies! Unhelpful!!! Useless!!!! I live in one of the biggest cities in the UK!!!!! I do NOT believe that hermes could not coordinate a driver somewhere to be able to get to MY door at 6pm!!!! Zero communication! I cant be the only person whi lives on their own who works full time and cant get home until then! Its not right of companies to jyst assume that we can get 'somebody to be in for us' or leave goids with neighbours!!! Their deluvery times state until 7 pm!!!! My god, do a bit of coordinating ALDI and HERMES, and get your facts right! I will NEVER purchase from ALDI again!

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