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Failure to communicate

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Michael Inkster


Failure to communicate

Complaint about Simarc Property Management

We realised the leasehold status of our house was entering a critical stage as we have only fifty years left. So back in August 2016 we paid Simarc £96 for the privilege of finding out the cost to purchase the freehold (probably about half the price we paid for the house). Two weeks later an email arrived "according to our records you live in a flat so it will not be possible to buy the freehold". I replied stating "we think we live in a three bedroomed house , upstairs and downstairs" Response was "we will contact the freeholder and get back to you". No reply so I chased it up a couple of times to find out the "problem was the garage which has a maisionette above would create a "flying freehold" so it is not possible to buy the freehold on your house. My requested refund of the £96 was promised on 8/11/2016 and will be with you soon. Still waiting for it and now my emails are unanswered and my complaint was not even acknowledged. Last week I received a "demand for payment of ground rent stating interest would be chargeable if not paid". I have paid the ground rent but wonder why : they could not have deducted it from the £96 they owe me ?. Are they going to pay me interest ?. Can I not purchase freehold for the house and not the garage ?. I feel trapped in a horrible situation now. How can these people sleep at night ?.

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Michael Inkster | 09/02/2017 09:26

Refund now recieved

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