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Outdated information

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John Sirkett


Outdated information

Complaint about UK Preference

UK Preference cold-called me stating they wanted my help in carrying out a survey of domestic things like the age of my washing machine and which newspapers I read etc. I asked where UK Preference had got my phone number from and was told probably through my doing recent on-line shopping. The interview began by the gentleman checking my name & address which was six years out of date. I queried this and asked how recent online shopping could come up with such out of date information!! When I insisted on speaking to this gentleman's superior/boss/manager/supervisor he lied again and said there wasn't one. When I asked for the contact details of the parent company he lied again saying he didn't have it. I asked for his name - then the phone went dead. Questions - How is it that the management team at UK Preference think it legitimate practice training telesales workers to lie to customers? How is it that such out of date information is still being sold/touted/transfered amongst companies purporting to be at the vanguard of sales & promotion?

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John Sirkett | 09/02/2017 09:39

Thanks for everyone's input, sadly, and doubtlessly indicative of UK Preference, they have not responded to our complaints. Their business model is clearly all about numbers - the more phone calls they make, however unsuccessful, the better they can promote their services. There are names for the people who develop businesses like this one, and it doesn't take genius creativity to think of them.

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