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Holiday was not what we booked

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Robert Gordon


Holiday was not what we booked

Complaint about Holiday Gems

We booked up last year for a holiday in Santa Susanna at a hotel we had previously been to. Twelve days before we were due to fly out I received two emails and a phone call regarding changes to the holiday. I was unable to pick up the emails as I was at work at the time but I took the phone call when I was driving home from Glasgow to Dundee. I was advised that our holiday had been changed due to Low Cost Holidays brokering the rooms and subsequently going into liquidation. The agent stressed it was urgent that I reply as soon as possible. When I got home I checked my emails which were both marked *URGENT*. One of the hotels, the Htop Alexis, was a 3* hotel and the other, Clipper Hotel, was a 2* hotel and also realised they were for different resorts we had never been to. So as we had originally booked a 3* hotel it seemed obvious to pick the 3* hotel but I had to discuss this with my brother in law. Due to the circumstances were unable to do any research into the hotels or the resorts in the time available. Early the following morning I received another call looking for an answer as to which hotel we wanted to go to so I agreed to the 3* Htop Alexis in Lloret De Mar. We have a number of complaints regarding this holiday which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. Bus Transfer 1. When we arrived in Barcelona airport we made our way to check in for our transfer to Lloret De Mar. On the transfer documents we received it states that the shuttle would depart no more than forty five minutes after meeting our transfer representative. We had to wait two and a half hours. We repeatedly asked the girl at the desk how long it would be but all she would say is half an hour or fifteen minutes but she never gave any reason why there was a delay. Because of this delay we were too late for our lunch in the hotel and we had been up since four o’clock that morning so you can imagine how hungry we were. When we eventually got to the hotel there were snacks available but these seemed to be the left overs from the lunch menu and we’re lukewarm. 2. During the bus trip the driver was constantly on the telephone which was very dangerous. 3. The bus drivers did not help load or unload the cases. 4. We were dropped off on a main road which was a bit from the hotel with no directions given from the driver. We had to ask several people before we eventually found our hotel. Hotel 5. At check in we were asked to pay €6.60 room tax. I was unaware of this, as was everyone we talked to. If this is valid it should be advised on your paperwork. Room 114 6. The bath was badly stained and chipped. (see picture) 7. The Balcony door integral lock had broken at some stage and had been replaced by a lock bolted on to the inside of the door. The bottom locking rod fitted into a hole drilled into the tile at the bottom but the top rod did not locate into anything at the top so did not lock properly. 8. The bed cover had a cigarette burn. Room 115 9. The bath was chipped. 10. The safe was damaged. 11. The hotel operate a strange card system for all-inclusive guests. A blue card is to show you are all inclusive and a green card is to get a plastic cup for drinks. You have to exchange your green card at the bar for a drinks cup and at the end of the night you get your card back when you return your cup. This means you can only get one drink at a time which we have never experienced before. Every other all-inclusive holiday we have been on we get two drinks. I think this just a system to save the staff from collecting the drink cups. This is great in theory but the tables were very rarely cleaned, please see the photograph of a wet wipe we used to clean our table. 12. The bar on the roof terrace ran out of beer and wine on our last day there and we were told it would take an hour to get more. 13. The food was lukewarm. 14. The floor of the restaurant was sometimes not cleaned properly with food from the previous day lying under chairs and tables. 15. When we were sitting in the terrace at the front of the hotel on a couple of occasions someone was throwing water and ice cubes from the rooms above. 16. Someone in one of the rooms had a laser pen and was shining it onto the terrace and road at the front of the hotel. 17. The pool was an absolute joke. It was tiny and had no room for sitting round it. 18. On our last full day there we had not hot water in the morning for a shower or a bath. 19. We were wakened every night by people arguing or knocking on doors in the hotel. Staff 20. Most of the staff are not very nice and had a very low morale with mood swings. 21. We had to put up with staff removing the parasols a 10:30 when we were still sitting at the table. 22. We witnessed two arguments between staff. 23. The upstairs barmaid was seemed to try to be as awkward as possible when serving and was always on her telephone. 24. The restaurant staff were slow to replace empty food trays and clear tables and there was rarely enough staff on most nights. I cannot understand why it took so long for a company like Holiday Gems to find out they had brokered the rooms through a company which went bust but then failed to check with the hotels concerned as soon as the news broke. We have booked several holidays through Holiday Gems and this is the worst holiday we have ever had. We specifically booked up for Santa Susanna because we had been there before, we knew it was flat, it was quiet and we liked it there. At our age in life it was a bit of a shock to end up in a noisy hotel at the top of a hill. I feel I was pressurised in to making a rushed decision without having all the facts regarding the hotels and resorts. How you can recommend this hotel to anyone beggars belief. No way can it be classed as a 3* star hotel. We went to the 3* Htop Gran Casino Royale for a comparison and it was like chalk and cheese. We have complained to Holiday Gems and we received a paltry £25 per person compensation. Not good enough, we have used Holiday Gems on a few occasions without a problem but this will be the last time.

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Beryl Robins | 20/02/2017 11:40 | VERIFIED

We are unable to resolve any complaint in this format, especially with out the benefit of a reference number to access the booking. Please email our customer liaison department so that the matter may be addressed.

Robert Gordon | 20/02/2017 12:34

The reference is S6886/116079, I have emailed several times and these should be on your files. If you cannot find them please advise with a contact email and I will send them again.

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