Keep getting emails after I've deleted the app - Complaint about Shpock - A Spokesman Said

Keep getting emails after I've deleted the app

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Tracy Taylor


Keep getting emails after I've deleted the app

Complaint about Shpock

I was looking for a buggy over a year ago , I managed to purchase one from a shop, they are constantly sending emails on a daily basis saying theve found a buggy that I was aftet

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Shpock Team | 08/02/2017 08:39 | VERIFIED

Hey Tracy, sorry to hear that you have deleted the app. If you would like to delete your account we ask you to please close any open and active deals and send us a deletion request to [email protected] and we can proceed with your request.

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L Flug | 13/02/2017 09:47

The problem is that the other user in the transaction- the "buyer / seller " - also needs to close the sale for Shpock software to work. Shpock code is nowhere near developed or advanced as other online platforms - delete my account - Shpock are forcing me to keep an active account because the software / code has flaws and no one knows what they are doing there.

L Flug | 13/02/2017 09:51

I have even asked the other users to delete to sale. Shpock ignore me - Kathi from Shpock is rude and ignores me even after I informed her that she is violating Shpock terms and conditions. Shpock is literally the worst social media platform. I will be going to their event in Hamburg on Saturday to personally warn people at their booth of downloading this app.

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