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Give me my frickin money back

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Give me my frickin money back

Complaint about Credit Portal

I have just had £19.95 taken out from my account by Credit portal on the 3rd of Jan. Same day i applied is the same day I emailed them requesting them to remove me from their database and website. It was within the 14 day period because it was sent THE SAME DAY I APPLIED. As soon as i noticed, i sent them an email. And then another one yesterday. And now again. Ive sent THREE emails, no response. Ive tried calling about 12 flippin times, still nothing. Just the same old automated message saying "thank you for calling, one of our advisors will be with you shortly." Please refund me my bloody money back because I emailed you 3 times within the 14 day period to cancel my account and remove me from the database and i am not getting any replies or answers to my calls... and to then check my account and see that its £20 short. £20 isn't £1000. It isnt my rent money or my gas/electric/water bill money. £20 is a SIXTH of what i'd usually spend on a pair of trainers. But its still £20 pound. And its MY £20. Its the principle. Remove me please or i will take you to court. Everyone else, have a nice day and no matter what, DO NOT REGISTER ON CREDIT PORTAL. THEYRE USELESS AND THEY WILL NOT ANSWER YOUR EMAILS OR CALLS.

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