Item in order missing can't contact Asda via email - Complaint about ASDA - A Spokesman Said

Item in order missing can't contact Asda via email

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Item in order missing can't contact Asda via email

Complaint about ASDA

I recently ordered some groceries for home delivery which I recieved. There was 3 substitutes which I accept but in my order I had ordered 2 bottles of fairy liquid on deal (2 for £2 or 2 for £3?) anyway, I unpacked the bags and discovered there was only one bottle and I double checked but didn't see a second bottle so I have only been given one bottle and charged for 2! I tried contacting Asda via the customer services email email obtained from my online reciept and keep getting a failure to deliver notice (postmaster) claiming recipients mailbox is full tried again next morning and got same thing. Poor Customer service by Asda and I will not be shopping with them again as they fail to get things right time and time again. I seem to get substitutes too often with Asda but when I order with Tesco it's only occasionally I get substitutes. Know where I will be shopping from now on. Not only that if it's not substitutes every order with Asda, on a couple of occasions, I have ended up with something I didn't order (perhaps someone else's item?) because careless delivery drivers probably driving erratically and items fall out of bags into the crate or bags containing my order. Perhaps this is what happened to my other bottle of fairy liquid?? Yet I have to pay the price of the two bottles (£2-£3) just for 1 bottle of washing up liquid and that is one expensive bottle of liquid considering it is only a 500ml bottle. I think Asda need to check their delivery drivers are up to standard and pickers/drivers should double check that all peoples orders are there and nothing missing or there that shouldn't be.

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