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Intimidation by network rail thugs

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Brian Jenkins


Intimidation by network rail thugs

Complaint about Network Rail

We own the railway yard at malvern Wells worcs opposite our yard is a signal box the operators of this box use our yard to park their cars and gain access to the box.over the past 2 years there as been a running dispute with these operators on occasions threatening language has been used towards us they constantly park outside workshops in area's where they have been asked not to park thus causing disruption to businesses and blocking free flow of traffic on a narrow road.the security of our yard is a main problem over the years we have been there there has been a number of break ins with substantial machinery stolen and damage caused,we have double gates at the entrance which we keep locked when not in yard the lock is supplied by network rail to allow signalman access with the understanding that they will secure the gates when leaving at end of shift. At the present time it has been a game of hunt the lock and chain as your signalman think it quite funny when unlocking the gates to throw the said items in the bushes this is probably in retaliation for not allowing parking outside buildings. This is of a growing concern to us the rules are we allow parking in an area away from workshops ,vehicles should not block access road one incident last week one of your service vehicles parked outside workshop partially blocking the road it was clear to your driver that we were using heavy plant machinery to transfer soil and rubble from one end of the yard to the entrance gate to be transported away this is an ongoinget work which will carry on for some weeks he replied you can get passed ? We can but you are disrupting our work and there is a chance your vehicle might get damaged there's only about 1 foot of clearance this then erupts into an argument as he doesn't want to move.iam sick and fed up with these constant confrontations with your staff this is on a daily basis so in future starting 1st March 2017 the yard will be open from 9am and closed at 5pm locks will be changed and keys kept by rail has failed it's duties on so many issues that we can no longer let your staff abuse our premises and tolerate their behaviour which is despicable. One reason we keep tight security in our boundary fence there is a access gate to the signal box which you have to cross tracks to get to we can monitor this gate when we are in the yard but is left to the signalman when we are not,this is of great concern to us because most of the time they leave the gate unlocked and gives access to the line.

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