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Complaint about Bank Smart

They have been harassing me since 2009 and they sent me a recorded delivery letter saying that they will take legal action against me for owing £3148.16 and I have sent an email to them even though I have just received a letter and says they will wipe off the full debt. I do not like someone pettiness on me especially when I am innocent. I am urging FCA to stop Bank Smart to harassing innocent people. 07/02/17 15:31 hours Dear Mr Costelloe, I know, English is my second language and it's not perfect but everybody understands me and I understand everybody. I am not looking for a new claim with your company and I will not recommend to anybody either because I DESPISE dishonest person or dishonest company, like yours. You know one thing, my earning is low but I manage because my life is simple, happy and stress-free and I will never dream to CONN someone like your company does? Yes, in 2009, I had signed in your form and gave you the authorization so that you can act on my behalf. After few weeks I had received a letter from you and you said in the letter that I will get over £6000 and I have to pay you over £2000 fees. I thought that can not be right for such a small loan but on the contrary, I was happy because I believed in you and who does not like to have money as long it's legal and honest but in reality, it never had happened and never received a penny from HSBC. SO, NOW YOU TELL ME WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY YOU THIS MONEY? Your company is CONNING 1000's of INNOCENT people and that has to be STOPPED. You have been harassing me past 8 years and I am sick of that especially when you had sent me a letter by recorded delivery on 21/12/2016 and threatened me that you are going to take me to court owing you £3148.16 the same way you do to other people. You think that everybody will panic and scared and then they will pay you the money. You are totally wrong ( even though I did not owe you a penny) because my case was over 6 years old and by law, this case will be barred. So what you did was stupid. You have said that I have paid you £50 on 18/05/12 which is a PERJURY in the eyes of the law. So, I do not want your pettiness and good will gesture to wipe my debt off instead I am going to take legal action you for constantly harassing me for past 8 years. When some one harasses me then my stress level goes up and I suffer physically and mentally. I am going to send this email to the financial ombudsman. I am also sending you this paragraph from a reviewer saying " WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE" on 27/01/17

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Sukhy Bahia | 03/08/2017 14:08

Fantastic response, they have threatened me with legal action even though they have not dlelivered a serviced for me.

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