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Delivered to someone else

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David K


Delivered to someone else

Complaint about DPD

I ordered a computer chair from the UK to Ireland and it was handled by DPD. I got an text message that it's going to be delivered between 4-5pm which was a good touch however...... Around 4.30pm someone was banging my was a Lady and her son (never ever met them in my life). They said they have a package for me in their car, a DPD driver just dropped it in their front yard without asking any name etc and drove away (possible he wanted to go home early). The interesting thing is, it wasn't even in my street, it was about 2-3 streets upper where these people live. Thankfully, they dropped the package into their car and found my address and my name on the package so they find my house and delivered to me. This is such a bad experience. What if these people keep my package? What if they don't spend time finding me? I should go after my package making phone calls, emails and getting stressed out.... Definitely a very bad experience with DPD.

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Andy Webb | 13/02/2017 09:30 | VERIFIED

Hey David, Can you email us on Can you drop us an email to [email protected] with your parcel number as the subject and we can get this looked in to for you (Daniel)

David K | 13/02/2017 09:32


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