Attricious customer service - nonsense info given and then ignored for weeks - Complaint about - A Spokesman Said

Attricious customer service - nonsense info given and then ignored for weeks

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Attricious customer service - nonsense info given and then ignored for weeks

Complaint about

I booked and paid for a holiday to Marrakesh for my family. The confirmation documents that arrived had a paragraph of utter unintelligible nonsense that seemed to be referring to whether the ON SITE AQUA PARK would be open during our stay or not. The on site aqua park was the only reason for booking this holiday. Also I found out from reviews of the hotel that many people had been lied to and miss-sold information by Love Holidays about the restaurants available in the hotel. Considering it is a FULL BOARD ONLY option if you want access to the aqua park, the restaurant facilities - or lack of them - is a major issue. I used their website contact form immediately to raise my concerns with Love Holidays customer services. I waited for a few days and got no response at all. With less than 3 weeks to my departure date I was getting very anxious so I called their team and spoke to them. I explained that the documents they had sent were nonsense and the guy read the document and agreed it was nonesense - meaningless garbage. He could not interpret what it was supposed to mean and he agreed it was not clear whether the aqua park would be open or not. I also asked about the restaurants and I explained that my son has a special diet under Great Ormond Street Hospital so I wanted to know if there was a fridge in the room to store his medical supplies in. I explained how worrying and frustrating it was to receive nonesense paperwork and then to be completely ignored for days when I sent an email to them about this. He agreed. I pointed out that I need to know URGENTLY if the aqua park was open and whether the information about having 3 restaurants was TRUE or FALSE as many reviewers had claimed. He agreed to find out and get back to me. That was over 6 days ago!!!!! I have heard nothing - still no response to my original email and no response from the person I spoke to on the phone. It is now 7 days before my flight leaves and so I called them again today. The lady who I spoke to was not able to help me at all - she sort of did her best BUT if what she told me is true then this company have an extremely poor and dysfunctional Admin process and absurdly useless internal procedures - leaving her with no option to help me in any way. So EITHER she was bring difficult OR this company has the worst customer service procedures imaginable. She told me that there was nothing that she could do - that love holidays have no way of contacting the supplier of this accommodation other than by email and that an email was sent to the supplier a week ago but no response has been received. She told me that it is COMPMETELY IMPOSSIBLE for me to speak to a manager, supervisor or director about this - in fact she was UNABLE TO TRANSFER ME TO ANYINE ELSE - I could only speak to her. I asked repeatedly to speak to the complaints department or a manager or supervisor or team leader and she refused point blank - she said the ONLY OPTION I had was to send an email to the complaints team. I pointed out that the last email I sent was COMPLETELY IGNORED so I had no confidence in that process and my flight leaves in 7 days. She said there was no other option open to her - that is how they operate and there is nothing that she or I can do - literally the ONLY OPTION I have is to speak with her and her only on the phone or send an email to the complaints team - the same people that ignored my first email. I explained to her that I felt this was terrible and, if forced to, I would have no option but to get the home addresses of the directors and shareholders of Love Holidays from Companies House, and write to them, at home, with details of this fiasco and give them a recording of this phone call so they can see for themselves how terribly their customer service procedure is. She still refused to transfer me to anyone or do anything - she confirmed again that my ONLY OPTION was to send an email and wait. She continually kept interrupting me while I was speaking even though I asked her not to and I pointed out to her that I was letting her speak without interrupting so please would she let me speak without interrupting - but she continued to interrupt and just speak over me. I have travelled all over the world and lived in various countries on several continents and I have never come up against such intransigence and compete lack of common sense - this is by far the worst approach to customer service I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Utterly obtuse, complete ineffective and totally useless. If you fancy a laugh then here is the paragraph from the confirmation documents I received - it is cut and paste exactly from the .pdf attachment received from Love Holidays - see if you can decipher what it means because nobody else can : "..... Eden Aquapark in open from 01 avril 2016 au 31 octobre 2016 and exceptionnaly for this year in open until 21 november 2015 free of charge. Until 31/10/16 The Eden Aquapark is paying for half board (1 breakfast + 1 dinner + drinks table). Only customers opting for the All Inclusive (1 breakfast + 1 lunch + 1 + 1 tasting dinner + unlimited drinks from 10:00 to 23:00) will have free access......" So I have no option but to email them - again with the same questions and I am in the process of getting the names and addresses of the directors and shareholders from companies house so I can let them know what an attricious shambles they are presiding over. I will also send copies of a this to watchdog, ABTA, Trip Advisor and any other such service. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY - THEY COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT YOU OR YOUR NEEDS AND CONCERNS AND THEY COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT THE GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL SPECIAL MEDICAL NEEDS OF MY SON . THEY SEND OUT MEANINGLESS NONESENSE IN WRITING AND THEN FAIL TO CLARIFY IT. THEY DO NOT DESERVE YOUR MONEY - SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH A COMPANY THAT HAS A GENUINE INTEREST IN PROVIDING ACCURATE INFORMATION AND ASSISTING CUSTOMERS.

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