Sky have £64-50p of ours,and we r not with sky - Complaint about Sky - A Spokesman Said

Sky have £64-50p of ours,and we r not with sky

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Patricia Bailey


Sky have £64-50p of ours,and we r not with sky

Complaint about Sky

Sky have taken 64-50p,from our account, over 3 months. I spoke to a person called Nissan in Derby, he was from the value team,and also was not very nice too me over the phone, he was being condersending too me ,he kept on tell me ,if you rented a car and if you didn't drive it ,you would still have to pay for it. What's that all about, he needs to be trained again how to speak to the paying public. We were with sky for less than a week. It was in august 2015 ,we cancelled sky we thought that was it,with any more monthly payments. And I opened my bank statements and found I was £21-50p from October 2016 we were paying sky again, from November, December and January 2017,I phoned sky derby, they we not going to get any payments back from them. Nashin kept on saying stop repeating yourself, but he didn't listen to anything I said too him ,he was a horrible person, he maid me feel ill.I'm hoping you can help ,because I'm not getting anywhere with this man he talked down too me all the time I was on the phone.

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Alastair Hosie | 13/02/2017 13:21 | VERIFIED

If you have a complaint with a Sky product or service, call us on 03442 411 653 or visit our 'Contact Us' page Do not share any account or personal details on public forums. For more information about how Sky handles complaints click here We look forward to hearing from you

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