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They will take your money but do nothing in return

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Monika Nawrot


They will take your money but do nothing in return

Complaint about Domestic & General

I have a boiler care plan with Domestic in General which is abnout to expire on 16.02.17. Few weeks ago I had a problem with my boiler, but as they were unable to send a technician until over a week of awaiting time, they suggested to get someone else to fix it and then they will reimburse me. They gave me a tel. number to Claims Team to get an authorisation for the repairs. After being on hold for 40 minutes I was finally abe to speak to the Claims team. I've explained the situation, said that I was quoted £ 180.00 + VAT for the repairs. Got authorisation but then had to call them back for another authorisation on the day as there was suspition of gas leak so possibly longer labout time on site. The authorisation has been increased, at which point I felt a bit better as I knew my heating will be fixed and money reimbursed. Few days later my invoice was forwarded to D&G to pay me back, but then the issues started. They said that have only authorised £ 180.00 inclusive of VAT. Said that I haven't called second time and did not get the authorisation for upllift. Additionally requested technician's gas safety number plus additonal desciption of works caried out as in their opinion the other company has spent too much time repairing my boiler. None of this was of course explained to me inittially, they said that as long as I have an authiorisation for a particual amount and the invoice is issued within that amount, it will get paid back. Now they are questioning VAT amount, but isn't it bloody obvious that any professionally registred service will charge VAT on the top of their cost. Further to that they have practically called me a liar by saying that I haven't called anyone to get the authisation uplift. So not only I had paid for my contract over £ 50.00 every month and had nothing in return, I had to sort out myslef the repair by another contractor for which Domestic & General will now not pay despite them authirising the works in the first instance. So I've lost £ 300 paid to them plus £ 216.00 for the repair. The way I was treated is absolutely discusting, totally unprofessional and it feels like I was robbed of my money. Do never sign up to any contracts with them. Absolutely awful, aniti-customer care company. I am making a complaint about them to Ombudsman.

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