Unauthorised money coming out of my account fro 3 years!! - Complaint about Currys PC World - A Spokesman Said

Unauthorised money coming out of my account fro 3 years!!

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Joanne Parke


Unauthorised money coming out of my account fro 3 years!!

Complaint about Currys PC World

I just noticed that £8 was taken out of my bank account last month which I did not know what it was for so I did a bit of reserch and worked out that it was coming form currys and seemed to be a regurlar issue! I came across this issue before about a year ago and I went into my nearest currys to complain and told them to cancel it which they clearly didnt cause another payment just came out again. SO I got in contact with know how to complain and have now been told that it has been a monthly payment coming out for the last 3 years so I looked up my e-statements after the phonecall to find that it has actually been coming out of my account for over 3 years now which is over £288. I was not told about this oe agree to this and specificially remember saying I did not want any insurance or any payments after my purchase after the last laptop I got was not covered when it broke so I knew it was a waste of time. I was then told that by entering my PIN when paying was agreeing to it (Which is a complaint disgrace as I made myself clear that I did not want anything after my purchase!!) I have only recently got online banking and have only noticed that this has been happening and actually feel sick at the fact that this has been coming out for over 3 years without me realising espicailly when I specifically said I did not want it!! I would like a complete refund as this is fraud taking money out of my account without my permission!! I did not sign up for this and I was not told anything about it to make me aware of it happening so how could I cancel it if I did not know that it was happening!! I can't believe that it has taken me so long to notice this. I originally thought that it was 2 random payments so I was so cross about it but now that I have realised that it is over 3 year I actually feel sick and just want to cry and would like to know how curry's can betray my trust like that and by the looks of it, it is happening to alot of people. your staff should make customers aware of this. you can't agree to something without being told about it andf without reading terms and conditions etc first. I have never heard or seen anywhere else do this before in my life!!

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KNOWHOW TOHELP | 13/02/2017 14:44 | VERIFIED

Hi Joanne. I note your comments regarding a Support Agreement. Can you please private message your full address including postcode and contact number so we can look into this for you? Thanks. Carrie.

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