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Terrible service and unfair charges

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Brian Zimmerman


Terrible service and unfair charges

Complaint about Domestic & General

After years of paying for insurance on my fridge-freezer I came home from holiday to find it had broken down and called D&G to get an engineer to repair. They said it would take a week for someone to come out. There was a cancellation after two days and the attending engineer wrote the appliance off. I then waited two days for his report to be given to D&G who advised me that the comparable appliance was larger and wouldn't fit in my kitchen. They referred me to two websites to find an alternative. There were none of a similar style that fit in the space i had available so I opted for a smaller more basic model that was £200 cheaper than the comparable one. I was then informed that I would have to pay a £100 fee for an "upgrade" as well as the balance of the payments on my plan of £54 plus £30 for delivery and removal of my old appliance. After an initial protest i eventually gave in as I had been without a fridge at this point for over a week. The fridge I ordered was from A. O. and was meant to be delivered on Thursday. When it didn't arrive (I took the day off work waiting) by 4pm I called and they said they tried to deliver it but had taken down my phone number incorrectly so couldn't call to say they had arrived and didn't bother ringing the buzzer. Day two, another day off work and the crew turned up with the fridge but said they weren't informed that they had to remove the old fridge and didn't have time. So they left the new fridge in my lounge and the old fridge still in the middle of my kitchen. Day three, another crew arrived (Saturday) in the morning to collect the old fridge and said they didn't have space in their van for the old fridge and couldn't take it. They rang the head office who said they would have to send a new crew on Sunday. I asked for a full refund from the delivery service and instead she cancelled the order completely. She claimed that she thought when I asked for a refund that meant I didn't need the service any longer. I asked the delivery driver to witness that I didn't ask for it to be cancelled and he agreed, shaking his head in disbelief and apologising. I then had to rebook the delivery centrally because she said that since she cancelled it for the following day I had to start all over. After calling and hearing another weak apology from them and rescheduled for Sunday (day four). By this time, I decided to move the old fridge to my front garden myself and asked the crew to just move the new fridge from my lounge to the kitchen. They said they would do it as a "gesture of good will" but technically they weren't supposed to because they were only there to collect the old fridge-freezer. Now 2 1/2 weeks since I first called them, I have a fridge.

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