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Stonewalled by Xercise4less

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Debra Edwards


Stonewalled by Xercise4less

Complaint about Xercise4Less

Upon receiving a phone call from X4L I (regrettably now) agreed to join. The gym hadn't opened and was running behind opening schedule. It finally opened and I went to visit. I got annoyed in the first instance because there was hardly any parking and any parking to be had needed a tin opener to get in/out. Anyway, I went inside and had someone show me around. Upon leaving, I checked that I had 'off peak' membership. I was told I didn't. I asked for it to be changed. I was asked for £30 to do this. I said I didn't have £30. I was told to cancel and rejoin on an 'off peak' (obviously less money). The lady on the desk gave me my membership code (I didn't know this). She said 'get a 14-day cancellation form from the website'. I finally found this form and submitted it. I got no reply. I chased and chased and meanwhile started receiving demands for admin fees from Harlands because my DD had failed (I'd cancelled it because I couldn't see X4L doing anything other than continue to take money). I chased Harlands and also chased the X4L gym countless times. Nothing. I went in and caught the manager. He promised he would sort and get back to me. He didn't and went on to avoid my calls. I spoke to Harlands again. Harlands suggested I contact ''. Nothing! I've recently copied my email and sent it to Kikstall Road Gym (Leeds) where I'm lead to believe the 'memberships team' hang out. I'm desperate now because I continue to receive Harlands demands for money.

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Debra Edwards | 23/02/2017 14:54

I have today received an email from X4L. Here I share how I eventually got cancellation confirmed. I wrote to the memberships support team at Central Support Team, X4Less Head Office, Unit 1, Kirkstall Road Industrial Estate, Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS4 2AZ. Try this. After months of trying this is how I eventually got confirmation of cancellation.

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