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Fiona Grieveson


Product support ag

Complaint about Currys PC World

I realised I had been paying for product support for several months. I had no idea what product it was linked to as I often buy(now in the past tense) from Currys. The amount of £7.50 is taken monthly from my debit card. I can guarantee I did not request or sign for any product support. I emailed Currys requesting the payments be cancelled. I received a reply asking me to send details of the product the support was related to and they would cancel the agreement or alternatively I could cancel the direct debit. I informed them I couldn't do either of these things as I didn't know what product it was related to and that the amount was not a direct debit but taken from my card. I did not get a further email.

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Fiona Grieveson | 16/02/2017 17:01

I thank you for cancelling the agreement. I feel that the agreement is mis-sold as it is not explained at the time of purchase. I feel that Currys take advantage of people not reading the terms and conditions printed on a reciept. That is evident form the amount of complaints about the service on this site alone. Sadly I feel you lose many customers this way. Unethical, I feel too.

KNOWHOW TOHELP | 17/02/2017 09:04 | VERIFIED

Sorry you feel this way Fiona. A copy of the full terms and conditions are provided at the time of purchase, and if not required or not suitable, it can be cancelled within 14 days with a full refund. Thanks. Carrie.

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Fiona Grieveson | 16/02/2017 17:07

I agree with you Jayne. The company play on the fact that people don't read their receipts. The amount of money they lose in sales because people will not return to the store, is probably quadrupled in the amount they take, unwittingly, from people through the product support. service. It is very unethical. I will spread the word!!

Jayne Crawley | 16/02/2017 20:44

I find it astonishing that Currys staff can underhandedly subscribe customers to a service that they have refused, and be told it's their fault. This is unbelievable! Don't stop fighting this Fiona. I certainly will not accept it and will not stop until someone more senior addresses this. You need to go to the very top. Good luck!

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