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More False Advertizing

Complaint about Golden Wonder

The company sells a multipack of crisps which they have labelled ' MEATY ' - so naturally one would expect the contents to be just that ..... Steak ....Beef ..... Chicken ........ Bacon ...... Sausage ...... but no .. this is too simple ...... the pack contains two meaty flavours ( neither of whivh is BEEF ! - a favourite of meat flavours ) ...... but rather there is also cheese & onion and prawn cocktail !!! - neither of which is at all MEATY ! ..... i contacted the company who gave some hogwash that prawn is known as ' the meat of the sea ' ..... ha ha ha !!! ( silly me ... i thougjt that would be fishy flavour ) - and cheese and onion were included because most people like them ( which means PROFITS basically ) ..... They also incorrectly stated that the pack was entitled ' meaty VARIETY ' which it isnt ....... there is no problem with having this combination if the pack is labelled simply VARIETY ....either they should do this or change the contents to meaty flavours .....but the nonsense ...... please ..... so whats Lamb then ? ..... is it the fish of the land ? .....or if they sold a jar labelled ' coffee ' and there were strawberries inside ..... whats that ? ..... the caffeine of the field ?!!! .... what drivel ...... plain english & an accurate description is all that is required but dont try and mislead and insult our intelligence

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