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Claire Pierrot



Complaint about DPD

I've paid for for next day delivery of 2 parcels to arrive on Friday. My Driver Paul has both parcels. He drops 1 parcel with the concierge (he can never be bothered to bring parcels to my flat) as paid for and can't be bothered to take the other off the van so he sends me a message saying there was no one in to receive the parcel (I was in and the concierge is there 24 hours a day). He also sends a picture of a random door that is nothing to do with where I live and an obvious lie. He has delivered 1 of 2 parcels paid for and is too lazy to get the 2nd off the van. After a lot of back and fourth with customer service I am promised my delivery will arrive the following day. It is now the end of the following day and I am still without my parcel. Apparently it will now be Monday. Once again I have been lied to by DPD. I have experienced this repeatedly and complained repeatedly since November and we are now mid February. I am constantly fed a stream of lies by DPD who seem to think this level of service is acceptable. I can understand an odd mistake here and there but this is 1 delivery driver (Paul in Vauxhall London) regularly making up false reasons why he has not delivered a parcel. He has done the same with a number of parcels for my partner at the same address containing thousands of pounds worth of camer equipment after he has paid for a 1 hour delivery slot on a Saturday. Paul uses 2 lies repeatedly, that there was no one in (there always is) or that he couldn't find the address (he knows exactly where we are I see him here on an almost daily basis). Even more worrying is that DPD appear to think that feeding paying customers repeated lies is an acceptable form of service. It absolutely is not. I cannot advise against using this company in any stronger way.

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Andy Webb | 20/02/2017 12:45 | VERIFIED

Hi Claire, so sorry for this. We're currently looking into your case and will get back to you as soon as possible. [Debbie]

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