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Broken phones and mis-sold contract

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Ben Roberts


Broken phones and mis-sold contract

Complaint about The Phone Spot

Just before Christmas I received a phone call The Phone Spot claiming to be acting on behalf of O2 to arrange an upgrade. After a listening to what phone I currently have (Nokia 830) the caller suggested the Microsoft 650 is as it was only a couple of months old, its faster, better battery and ultimately a far superior phone. With the upgrade of data it seemed a really good package and the phone arrived on time minus the sim. After a couple of days still with no sim I phoned The Phone Spot and questioned the whereabouts of the sim, to be told there had been a glitch and the sim hadn’t been dispatched. I was then transferred to O2 to arrange another sim which I did and that sim still, never arrived, I once again spoke to The Phone Spot and voiced my concern; I still hadn’t switched the new phone on and I was reaching the end my 14 days return period. To be told not to worry I can still exchange the handset as they have messed up the delivery of the sim. Finally after nearly 3 weeks I have a new ‘working’ phone, however for a superior phone the 650 was slower than the 830, it kept throwing me out of apps and realistically a rubbish phone. Once again, I went back to The Phone spot and voiced my issues about the handset and how annoyed I was that the 650 was mis-sold to me and I want to cancel the contract. I was told the contract was with O2 and all they can do is arrange a new handset to be exchanged. I did ask if I could have a different handset, but the alternative Microsoft was a downgrade and everything was Android with very poor reviews. I accepted the exchange for the new phone to arrive with a completely glitched screen unable to see anything on the home screen. Quite annoyed I then read up on the phone to find the Lumia format is on its way out and my new 650 is going to be redundant. Yet again, back on the phone to The Phone Spot to cancel the contract. After a heated conversation and all other alternative solutions exhausted, I agreed hoping it would be 3rd time lucky. I was also told I was going to get a credit for the month of January as I haven’t been able to us the phone. The 3rd phone arrived at my old address! So after doing a 30mile round trip to collect it, it had arrived in exactly the same condition as the last with all the same issues. After another conversation with The Phone Spot a collection of the 3rd phone had been arranged. The 4th phone never arrived, so once again back to The Phone Spot when the call handler then admitted the 3rd phone was the 2nd phone re-boxed and I was expected to take the phone to the Carphone Warehouse to get it repaired. If they send out another phone it will be the broken 2nd phone again. At my wits end I tried to cancel the contract again with The Phone Spot, to be told it’s with O2 and to cancel with them. Surprise-surprise, the staff in store at O2 explained the only people who can cancel the contract is The Phone Spot. I will be cancelling my direct debit, as I don’t have a new phone and you have yet to provide a working handset therefore making you in breach of the contract you agreed to give me. I want no further dealings with Phone spot ever again and trust that any charges incurred on this account are credited as agreed. I look forward to your confirmation of the contract being cancelled, rather than me having to take this to a small claims court and warn others of this on all avenues of social media. Regards, Ben

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Steve Allott | 21/02/2017 14:31 | VERIFIED

Hello Ben, Thanks for your review. I am sorry to hear about the multiple issues you've experienced whilst ordering with us. Please call us on 01509 618 593 so we can help, all calls are charged at a landline rate. Ryan | The Phone Spot Customer Support team

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