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Lost tickets, had to chase for new ones

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Jiehui Chen


Lost tickets, had to chase for new ones

Complaint about viagogo

Dear Viagogo, I am writing to you regarding two orders 8325057. and 8338974. which were meant to be shipped under the same tracking number in december, but never came. The tracking number was 19 digits instead of the normal swisspost 18 digits, and i could not track anything. I received no delivery card, nothing, and a week and a half before the concert, i started worrying and sending several, amounting to up to 6 emails to viagogo asking for help and assistance. while i received generic replies addressing the issue saying that you would reply me in 48 hours, no reply ever came. I had to resort to calling you 3 days before the event, because your STUPID phone service would not let me speak to a customer service staff if it was not less than 72 hours before the event, and even then the assistant promised to help and send me an email addressing the issue so i know its official, but i received no email. I called again the next day and had to explain my issue all over again, and once again another assistant assured me that she will look into it and send me an email. I received no email. The next day I called in the morning and had to explain to YET another assistant ALL over AGAIN, and i told her I would not hang up until she sent me an email addressing all that we said so i know that viagogo was looking into it officially, and I was not just receiving lip service. She did, but i received no updates on any new tickets and had to call a few hours later, and explain yet again to another new person, and that person started going on about how they were investigating the tickets, and that the tickets werent collected.. at this point I lost my temper, it was a DAY before the event and clearly even if the post tickets were found it could not be delivered to me on time, so why was viagogo still bothering?? I demanded that etickets be issued to me immediately, especially because I had to fly to switzerland for the concert, and did not want to call when I was overseas. I wanted to settle the issue before I flew. A few hours passed, and i received no email no updates. and I called again. This time, the customer service staff assured me they were sending me etickets by email to my account already, and i asked to make sure it was TWO to replace both lost tickets. The woman, nicole, on the phone assured me yes yes, BUT i checked that evening at the airport and found that I only had ONE, to my utter frustration. I called once again, to be put on hold for 10 minutes for the upteenth time, and the woman I had to explain everything to AGAIN told me the office couldnt issue tickets after 6pm, but she would look into it first thing tomorrow, and I would receive the tickets by 10. Tomorrow, by the way, was the day of the concert. I checked the day after, at 11.30am, only to find, completely expectly, NO SECOND TICKET in my account. I was furious. I had to accumulate so much extra phone charges calling from Switzerland, especially because viagogo always put me on hold. I called and this guy picked up. He told me that chasing was not helping me get anything done faster, which is ridiculous because if i didnt chase viagogo would never respond to any of my emails. He also said that viagogo has been working on my issue since I called 3 days ago, which is a LIE, how can any investigation take so long, it should take a few hours at most, it is NOT a crime investigation. He said that the worst case scenario would be that i dont receive the second ticket, and i receive a refund. But that meant that i would have to go to the concert ALONE, without my friend. In the end, I did receive the tickets a few hours before the concert, to my relief. It is ridiculous, the way viagogo has dealt with this issue, SUCH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, and i will NEVER use viagogo ever again. My friends and I affected by this issue will be sure to tell our friends about this terrible service, which already SEVERELY OVERCHARGES for tickets, and is clearly out to cheat our money because of their reluctance and uselessness with replying. This experience has just been so incredibly STRESSFUL, up till the day of the event I had to worry about the tickets, so much for 'tickets guaranteed' by Viagogo. Disgusting.

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