Direct Debit payments not been taken- policy now cancelled - Complaint about Currys PC World - A Spokesman Said

Direct Debit payments not been taken- policy now cancelled

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Adrian Gardener


Direct Debit payments not been taken- policy now cancelled

Complaint about Currys PC World

I called up to find out about claiming on my KnowHow policy. In the first phone call, I was told that a payment had been declined by the bank due to lack of funds, and the policy had been cancelled. I called the bank as there have always been sufficient funds in the account. The bank said that the payment had not been declined and that the direct debit was still active. They explained that Currys could collect the payment but had not done so. I called KnowHow back to explain this and I was told that I would still be covered and this ' was just a glitch on their part'. However, I could not proceed with them as the account was not in my name. I was advised that the account holder should email in and request authoristion for me to speak to KnowHow. This was done, but when I called in today there is no record of the previous phone calls or their content. I was also told the policy had been cancelled and I should just pay for the repairs myself. The person I spoke to was very rude and dismissive and told me that KnowHow was in now way responsible for not collecting the direct debits. The direct debit is still active with my bank! I asked for evidence that I had requested for the payments to stop or that KnowHow had informed be that the policy was cancelled, but they refused to speak with me any further as I don't have authority on the account, despite this being requested.

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Adrian Gardener | 28/02/2017 15:06

I am currently in away, but you can talk to my sister, Kate Chadwick, who has authorisation to speak to you regarding my account. Her number is 01600711959

KNOWHOW TOHELP | 28/02/2017 18:24 | VERIFIED

Hi Adrian, just to let you know I have spoken to Kate. I believe we have put a resolution in place to resolve the matter to her satisfaction - Shaun

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