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DPD driver hit my car

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Neil Johnson


DPD driver hit my car

Complaint about DPD

A DPD driver (I will omit his name and vehicle registration number here) drove into the front of my car. We were on Itchington Road near Itchington, South Gloucestersire. It was in a section that was pretty much single track. I was heading downhill round a left hand corner and saw the van coming. I came to a complete stop. But the DPD driver was going so fast he wasn't able to stop in time and skidded uphill into my vehicle. Initially it looked like there was no damage to my car as it wasn't clean. We exchanged names, phone numbers and registration details. However on washing and polishing the car as soon as I got home I could see the was some damage to the body work next to the bumper. I have text and called the DPD driver, but have had no response. Please tell me how I should proceed? Should I just contact my insurance company giving details as DPD for the other driver as I cannot get hold of him to confirm his address or insurance details?

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Andy Webb | 02/03/2017 15:35 | VERIFIED

Hi Neil Please send us an email to [email protected] with the driver name and registration and we will make sure to get this sorted for you Amy

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