Middle man for quick money - are they a real entity?? - Complaint about I-Model management - A Spokesman Said

Middle man for quick money - are they a real entity??

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Lynette Dutton


Middle man for quick money - are they a real entity??

Complaint about I-Model management

I submitted one picture to their online form and quickly got a phone call from one individual boasting how I had been successful in possibly getting on their books and I had a great look. They wanted to book me in to Regency studios in London (I live in Manchester) to have an assessment that cost £55 but is completely refundable, and if successful they would transfer me to an agency more local to me. This girl was VERY proactive in calling and emailing me to arrange the date, I must mention that at no point did she say that I had to pay for a portfolio - this was an ASSESSMENT to accept me onto their books. The day at the studio was nice, the photographer was nice and then after I was awaiting my fate of acceptance.. the lady showed me my pics which some were very nice and eventually lead me through the price list..(soo expensive) time was running out for me I had to get my train but i was assured it wouldn't take long and was told I would be good enough for high street and fashion giving examples of designer brands like Gucci...and telling me how much I would earn, basically paying for my portfolio from one job. She told me she wished I was taller as I could do catwalk (I'm alright, but not quite there). Basically I was told that if I didn't buy any of the pics that day then they would be deleted, and that this portfolio will be very important for me. I relayed that i-Model did not at any point state that I would have to purchase a portfolio in order to be accepted onto their books - but this point didn't seem to run very far whilst sat in my "assessment" and it wasn't a case of 'yes you've passed, or 'no you've not passed'. I was trying to understand the relationship between i-Model and Regency studios, and all I could think is that i-Model were honey trapping people into getting clients to the studio. I ended the day signing up to the cheapest portfolio feeling like if I didn't then there would be nothing for me - no confirmation of i-Model accepting me on their books as I'm guessing I passed this "assessment"..? I signed up to a Direct Debit in a rush panicking to get my train that she assured me I would make it for (which I missed), I left with mixed emotions and a pending £118 monthly debiting my account - which I should mention I would ONLY receive my portfolio once I paid this in full - not how the rest of the world works these days. I have NEVER since had anyone from i-Model call me to go through anything, not even a well done for passing the assessment. I sent email upon email, and only when I headed it with the title complaint did I get a response - but only telling me that once I've paid everything then I will get my portfolio and then I can get booked on jobs. I told her I want to speak with the manager but I got ignored every time - so unprofessional. Every time I try to ring the girl who gushed over my pictures and booked me for the assessment, I get the answer machine - she never calls me back, and I have never had any other person from i-Model call or email me. Regency have also not been forthcoming in contacting me, only generic mailshots. I am giving money on a monthly basis and am uncertain of what will come at the end, I have had no preview of my portfolio just what I saw on the day. I am so upset and confused, and appalled at the lack of communication and guidance. It has left me feeling like they are just taking my money. These installments are being debited on a monthly basis and each time they do my stomach churns, it's not cheap. I feel like they sold me a dream with no guarantee.

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Helen Densley | 18/03/2017 08:17

For anyone that has been conned or duped into signing and parting with their money, this guy has set up a help page about how to stop any further payments and potentially getting your money back https://www.facebook.com/raymond.hoppkrofft?fref=ufi

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