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Really disappointed in lack of customer care

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Shona Wainwright


Really disappointed in lack of customer care

Complaint about Morrisons

Around 1 month ago while shopping in the Guiseley branch I was involved in an incident which ended up in a bottle of wine being smashed over me- a staff member wanted to clean the floor of the isle I was in and demanded I move now. A bottle of wine which was in my basket was smashed resulting in myself, my shopping and my handbag being covered in red wine- the handbag now being ruined. I was really embarrassed to be covered in wine and annoyed at the lack of apology by the staff member moved to the till so I could get out and get changed. I was advised by the cashier to contact central customer service to make a complaint which I did. As yet a month later after many emails I have yet to receive even an apology, never mind compensation for my damaged goods. Morrisons advice is to go back in store so I can track down the cashieer so she can verify the incident happened....despite me logging the complaint right away! Nice one Morrisons. Glad to see that cleaning your floor is more important than apologising for damaging your customers goods and leaving them covered in broken glass you've now lost my custom.

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Amber-Rose Reynolds | 01/03/2017 07:56 | VERIFIED

Hi Shona. Thanks for getting in touch. Could you please private message me your contact details so I can look into this for you? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Amber-Rose Reynolds, Customer Assistant.

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