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Rude and unproffessional

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Carla Andrews


Rude and unproffessional

Complaint about Baby Models UK

I applied my daughter for Baby Models UK, I applied her for 3 on the same day and 2 got back fast saying that they wanted to book her in. However, Baby Models UK emailed me explaining that my 9 month old daughter has " A vague look in her face" and "Hasn't got a real smile or the looks to get her into modelling" I explained that she has now been offered elsewhere so not to worry and I informed them that she has a medical condition and has been in hospital for a while so I do not take it lightly that they have said she has a "vague look" I feel quite offended by their words. They then began to tell me that the other modelling agency that offered our daughter a job "They accept everyone, I would go elsewhere" So, not only were they being very unprofessional towards letting my daughter down "gently" but they were also bad-mouthing other agencies.

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Jamie Parvin | 03/03/2017 11:54 | VERIFIED

Hi Carla. We declined your application and you asked us for reason. The reason was that we felt your daughter didn't have a convincing smile. At the end of the day, we only accept applications who we feel will secure work. We never bad mouthed the other 2 agencies. but we did comment that one of them accept all applications. At no point in the email did we say "I would go elsewhere". Fabricated.!!

Jamie Parvin | 03/03/2017 11:57 | VERIFIED

THIS WAS OUR REPLY "Effie’s application was declined as she doesn’t have a look which we feel would gain her any interest or work and she doesn’t have a natural smile in any of her images, just a very vague look on her face. Also, the images are not very good either, so based on those reasons, the application was declined." WE ARE SORRY IF THIS OFFENDED YOU.

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