Broken both soles after only two months of wearing - Complaint about Underground - A Spokesman Said

Broken both soles after only two months of wearing

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Rosita Zelvyte


Broken both soles after only two months of wearing

Complaint about Underground

Only after wearing the shoe for some three weeks I noticed that one of the shoes has strange 'feedback' every time when I put the heel on ground while walking. Then in a few days I discovered that at the point where heel joins the rest of the sole there is a crack. In another few weeks it got so deep that walking became extremely uncomfortable as heel does not provide support and stability. Then same started happening to the other shoe. On 6th February 2017 I sent photos of the broken shoes to the Underground Shoes Berwick shop and on 9th February received this email: "Hope you are well. Thank you so much for your email and apologies for the late reply. Is there any chance you can bring the shoes to our shop so we can take it to our production line for further check? I'm very sorry this happen to you. Wish you a lovely and warm day, Kind Regards, Berwick Shop Team" Then I brought them to the shop on 21st February 2017, where I was told that broken shoes have to be left at the shop for investigation. I was promised a call back or email within a day or two. Then after numerous calls to the shop at last on 2nd March 2017 I received this email: "Hope you’re well. Apologies on the late reply for your Jungle Boots as we were in the process of evaluation and this was the first time we received this case since our Jungle boots have laughed in quality test. Our production team have checked the boots carefully, unfortunately we are not able to provide an exchange or refund as the status of the shoes have been worn out unusually heavily and the outsole can be seen that were covered by dried mud and the marks of biking and the insole has crumbs/food and unusual marks. Please kindly understand that our shoes are for urban activity use, they are not suitable for outdoor or extreme activity. We sincerely thank you for bringing the shoes back and for the wait, therefore, please accept £20 voucher when you come to collect your shoes. Wish you a lovely day. Thank you. Kind Regards, Berwick Shop Team" I find this sort of response absolutely unacceptable!!! Both soles are broken! What else has to happen to the shoe to be the evidence of manufacturing fault? Only after two months of wear!!! This is madness that someone even can contemplate that a shoe can fail so horribly only after two months of wear. And then blame it on the consumer... I am speechless. This is not something that ever happened to me in my entire life. This shoe model has a clear integral structural sole design flaw. I have shoes that I have owned for years and none of them have this sort of problem. I am a makeup artist, I bought these shoes to go to my clients, who are all within Greater London. I live in London and only walk to the trains. The insinuation that these shoes were used for biking or hiking is beyond comprehension. Anyone who sees the shoes will soon realise that the shape of the sole groves make it impossible to pedal the bike. And even if so, what negative effect does the biking do to the heel? Then somehow bringing up as an argument that shoes have residues of mud? The shoes where cleaned with a wet sponge before I brought them to the shop, but should I have cleaned them with a teeth brush? Food residue... I am speechless... These are all invented arguments by manufacturer, not addressing the main issue that both(!) soles started disintegrating only after several weeks of use. Which is a clear sign of design flaw. The sharp angle where the heel connects to the rest of the sole should have had a small rounded chamfered edge along the joint, this would have prevented the initial crack appearing in the first place. Then the rubber compound itself may not be suitable for manufacturing of this type of sole which has tall and thin sole groves connected to the main thinner sole. These issues have been ignored by the manufacturer completely and inadequate insinuations are the sign of complete ignorance towards me as a consumer. I have not been treated like this by no other company.

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