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Unprofessional and rude staff

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Tammy Grant


Unprofessional and rude staff

Complaint about Mecca Bingo

Hi. I am am writing to whomever it may concern. I was at Dundee Douglasfield this evening (Thursday 02/03/17) with two of my friends. All i can say, is that i guanentee that me and my friends will never step foot in that club again! Gordon, the Main stage caller. Embarrassed me and my friends this evening. I happen to work in Bingo myself, and am well aware of the code of conduct we as employees have towards customers. And unfortunatley for Gordon, He went way beyond the acceptable peramiters of this code. In short, I tried to attach my Mecca Max to my coin mech, i placed £5 coins into the mech.To buy extra Late session books on my Max. But i forgot to push the claim button to Sync the board to the Max. My mistake completley, i fully understand this, and i made that perfectly clear to one of the staff on the floor at this time. He refunded me the £5 and went to fill out a Sunrise form as we were short on time for the Links to begin, i'm aware that you cannot refund games during links. I realised that the Links had started so i approached the member of staff and gave him £1 back as i knew he would be short, as the game had now begun. Now. As i thought the situation had been resolved, Gordon approached me. In a very unprofessional and intimidating fashion. Talking to me like dirt on his shoe. Not only infront of my friends but nearby customers who could clearly hear him as a few of them turned to see what was going on. He told me it was completeley my fault, and accused me of making the afore mentioned staff member short in cash and liable for the shortage. all of this after i explained that my mistake was in, not pressing the claim button to sync the max. which i am well aware of. The staff member fully understood and went to rectify, I understood and offered him money back so he wouldnt bre liable for the shortage... PROBLEM SOLVED?...... NO! Gordon went out of his way, to be very unprofessional and rude to me.Almost brought me to tears through sheer embarrassment and belittlement. After the bingo had finished, I approached the GM James Watson and asked for a few moments to discuss the situation. After talking to James for a few moments. And receiving what can only be desribed as a pityiful and uninterested apology. James informed me that he would " Have a word with Gordon". Unfortunatley, Through my own extensive experience of working in Bingo. I know he was just trying to make me feel as though it was going to be dealt with. His body language and demeaner told me otherwise. I am very upset, and more so embarrassed at this whole situation and frequent Douglasfield and other Mecca clubs regularly. And can safley say i wont be back anytime soon. Neither will my two friends or my Father who also joins me at Douglasfield on a regular basis. And can i just point out, as i did to Gordon, more than once! this whole, embarrassing episode was over £2!!! over the 3 link games before the lates. As i did, refund £1 back to the staff member who actually handled this professionally. So to summerise. Mecca Douglasfield. Has lost 4 customers in one night 2 of which are regular visitors. Over £2. Purley because a long serving, Senior staff member cannot perform his duties in a Professional manner. Regards. A very angry, embarrassed, and not forgetting belittled. Tammy Grant.

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