£60 month line rental with little/poor or no service in my own home - Complaint about Vodafone - A Spokesman Said

£60 month line rental with little/poor or no service in my own home

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Muhem Miah


£60 month line rental with little/poor or no service in my own home

Complaint about Vodafone

I purchased my contract January 2016. Checked the coverage checker which said my area is a 4g coverage area. up till now March 2017 I am still receiving poor connection and at times no connection in my own home. I have been reporting this issue since February 2016 and have made around 20 calls to report the same issue. Vodafone's technical and customer service Team have run diagnostics and sent out engineers to repair the mast's in the area. Last reported open fault was in august 2016, I received no back or update or a change in the poor network coverage. 12 weeks later I contacted Vodafone who advised that the fault was open since august and I should have received contact back and a reimbursement. the fault was still open and needed another engineer to attend and I should call back in a few weeks. I contacted Vodafone again and was transferred to the billing department who checked with his manager and advised and promised I would receive a refund of £780 for little or no network since the start of my contract. I received a confirmation text message stating the amount and there promise. I received a call from a operative a few days later to say that they could not offer this amount and this was a mistake from the person I spoke to in the billing department and that they could only offer £20 as this fault only lasted for one day. I reiterated to this operative that is incorrect as I have been experiencing this network fault since January 2016 the start of my contract. he said there is nothing more he can offer and £20 is what I am entitled to. He also said that my area is a 2g area and there's nothing they can do about that. yet when I purchased the contract or when I have been reporting the fault over the past 12 months, no person advised me that my area is a 2g area. I refused to accept this as I had been promised £780. He then transferred me to his manager who said the most they can offer is £75 as a "goodwill" to me. I refused again and was passed to the retention Team who now advised the most they could offer is £300. I refused this offer again and reiterated the long term fault since the start of my contract and the promised amount of £780. I requested that he send me details of where I can escalade this matter and have not received anything in the past 14 days. This network issue has left me out of pocket with me unable to use my phone in my own home. This level of service is not acceptable. Vodafone have not provided me with the product I paid for. Poor or no network in my own home is not acceptable level of service and had I been advised at any point that I would at the most get a 2g connection in my own home then I would not have purchased this £60 a month contract.

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Phil Wilson | 07/03/2017 08:40 | VERIFIED

We'll be in touch as soon as possible Muhem. Thanks

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