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Cancel due to medical issues

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Emma Binney


Cancel due to medical issues

Complaint about Xercise4Less

I signed up to the gym in 2015. Shortly after signing up I had to have an operation on my stomach which meant me being unable to train. I tried cancelling my membership by ringing the company & spoke to a young guy. I explained i would be willing to re sign up after recovery etc. He said, leave it with me I will get a manager to contact you back regarding this. I never heard anything. A couple of months went by, still not hearing anything. After making 1 payment & never to this day even been to the gym, I cancelled my direct debit. 2 years later after hearing nothing I get a letter sent saying I owe £262 from a company called credit resolution services. I asked why I owe this large amount? There reply was admin fees etc.. I heard nothing for 2 years so where has the admin fees come from? I tried settling my debate with them & even offered to pay half the amount they're asking for to just settle the debt. Even though I have never been to the gym or been on the grounds of a gym. I explained i had an operation & can provide all evidence of this from my doctors etc but they're still refusing. I think it's totally unacceptable as I am 34 weeks pregnant working part time to earn every amount of money I can for my unborn baby, I've not refused to pay anything I've offered a settlement fee which is more than fair & they won't even listen. The only response I get is.. fax your call proof, email proof & read receipts, dates times of everythiny & keep saying you have 1 week to pay this outstanding amount or we will take you to court. It's getting so stressful & upsetting to think a 'professional' company can treat someone like this. I dont know where to turn or who to talk to but I've had enough!

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